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One angry paladin blog

David Nelson

Tobold's MMORPG Blog has an interesting link and accompanying commentary about the paladin class. The link is to another blog called The blogger (or bloggers, as it seems like there might be a couple folks writing there) at Paladinsucks has been keeping meticulous track of every slight, perceived or real, against the paladin class. And he has been doing this for over a year. While I don't agree with everything written on the blog, I do admire their tenacity and dedication. I am honestly shocked this is the first I have seen of this. I guess playing horde since launch and never getting into the pally class kept me ignorant.

Tobold makes some good points about paladins in his post, which serves as almost a counterpoint to the arguments on Paladinsucks, starting off with the idea of rolling another class if they are so unhappy. He goes into much more detail than that, including a rather interesting take on support classes. You should definitely check it out.

No matter which side of the great pally debate you fall on, both blogs make for some interesting work time reading. In fact, I make it a point to visit everyday, and I just might make Paladinsucks a weekly stop. Are there any other great class-specific blogs out there I am missing out on?

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