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TGS: Blue Dragon hits Japan this holiday

Microsoft's expects their arrangement with legendary game designer, and father of the massively popular Final Fantasy series, Hironobu Sakaguchi to earn them a considerable amount of sales in Japan. Sakaguchi's new studio, Mistwalker, is working on two RPGs exclusively for the Xbox 360: Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey.

Microsoft announced today that Blue Dragon will lead the console's Japanese push this holiday, along with over 110 other games. Microsoft was unable to confirm what percentage of those titles are digitally distributed Xbox Live Arcade games versus retail DVD-based games, though the North American numbers are about 110 DVD-based, 50 XBLA.

As a sign of the strategic importance of the title, they'll begin bundling Blue Dragon with the recently revealed Core version of the console, creating an intoxicatingly affordable package. Like the HD-DVD announcement, there is no release date for regions outside Japan. Blue Dragon will be playable for the first time at TGS, so we'll be sure to get our hands all over it.

Microsoft's TGS press briefing:

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