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Mira software lets all Macs use Apple Remote


Mac users rocking the latest Apple gear have one less thing to taunt their late-adopter friends with, now that the Apple Remote has been freed from the confines of the systems with which it came bundled -- giving Mac Pro users a chance to remedy Apple's curious oversight as well. The latest version of Twisted Melon's Mira, which previously just added additional functionality to the Apple Remote, now also adds hardware support for the remote to any Mac running OS 10.4. You'll need to get yourself an external IR receiver, of course (so it's not a perfect solution), but once you get your hands on that and a remote, you'll be able to control over 40 applications out of the box using the defaults settings, as well as add profiles for any other apps you see fit. Hell, if you hacked Front Row on your machine, you can get to using that from afar as well. A limited version's available for free download now, with the full version including access to updates and support running just $16.

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