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Top 5 WoW snacks

David Nelson

Sometimes you need to step away from WoW to eat. In fact, stopping to eat dinner with your wife or family is probably a pretty good move. And sometimes you just want a quick snack while you grind rep or raid. But what to eat?

Some foods are more suitable to the task than others. For example, soup would be a hard one to eat while playing WoW, as would anything that leaves a residue on your hands, like Cheetos or Doritos.

In coming up with a top 5, I didn't want to list anything that would be entirely terrible for you even in moderation, so things like pizza rolls are out. But at the same time, I want something tasty, so raisins just don't make the cut. With that in mind, here are the top 5 foods to snack on as you play WoW:

5. Gummi Bears While I prefer their sour cousins, the Gummi Bear doesn't leave a sugary film on your fingers, so you are free to use the mouse. Also, if you get bored with eating them you can pose them in naughty positions or bite off their heads. Good times.

4. Snack Pack Pudding or Yogurt At first glance, these would seem hard to eat, but not so! Unlike soup, yogurt or pudding cling to your spoon, so the coordination needed to eat and play is minimal. Also, they are easy to grab from the kitchen in between BWL bosses.

3. Grapes Grapes are easy to eat, leave no mess and require no preparation beyond washing. Win-Win. They are also good for you, so the wife-aggro you generate for eating them will be small. If you happen to play WoW in a room with some buds or your wife, grapes make a FANTASTIC projectile.

2. Skittles or M&Ms Easy to eat, no mess and they can sit in a bowl for days at a time and not get stale. They certainly aren't health food, but in moderation they aren't exactly a double Whopper with cheese either. Projectile potential is high as well.

1. Pretzels Pretzels are good for several reasons. They are much better for you than their nasty, bloated shelfmate, the potato chip. Second, they are salty, so they will go well with any beer you may consume during your weekend WoW raiding. Finally, the pretzel has been around a long, long time. You are practically eating a piece of history!

What do you snack on when you play? Did I leave out a definite five-star snack?

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