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FCC swipes Samsung's SGH-P310 credit card phone

Chris Ziegler

Granted, Samsung sends the lion's share of their handsets through the FCC's labs whether they're destined for North American shores or not, but we still can't help but stir a little to see their nifty P310 get a stamp of approval.The P310 is the successor to the P300, mercifully getting a makeover that leaves the final product downright attractive compared to the original. With a 2-megapixel cam and microSD slot on board, you don't give up much in the spec sheet compared to an average-sized candybar, either. From the looks of the FCC documents, we shouldn't expect any action on the GSM 850 band, but far be it from us to expect that to stop every last importer from hauling 'er in for a US sale or two.

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