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Stealth Computer's $1,195 2000-DT-TB keyboard

Darren Murph

We've seen plenty of rugged devices hit the market, and we've witnessed all sorts of newfangled keyboards as well, but Stealth Computers is blending over-the-top durability with one of the most basic input peripherals known to man in its 2000-DT-TB models. Offered in both PS/2 and USB forms, this "totally sealed" NEMA-certified stainless steel 'board is entirely weatherproof, sports an integrated trackball (complete with adjustable "tension ring"), silicon rubber keys, and can handle a dissertation composition in 194 degrees F and 100% humidity (as long as the operator can endure the conditions). The bonus "WIN" button is also a welcome touch, as we imagine it allows you to emerge victorious in a WOW raid with a single key press. Oddly enough, this beast of a 'board is only backed by a one year limited warranty, which doesn't exactly support the bold claims we're led to believe -- while most may harp on the $1,195 pricetag, the real issue is whether or not your $10,000 Dell XPS 600 Renegade (and $99 mouse) can hold their own in the rough as well.

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