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Why hasn't Apple included a Blu-ray drive in any of their computers?

Ben Drawbaugh

You've heard us discuss on the Podcast a few time that despite Apple being on the Board of Directors for the BDA, they have yet to release a product with an optional Blu-ray drive. Even the latest Mac Pro, which can be configured to cost over $16K, but no optional Blu-ray drive. Sure you could pick one up from a 3rd party, but this just isn't like Apple to not include the latest and greatest hardware in their products. Robert X. Cringely has a theory and we think it makes sense. After looking at Apple's latest announcment; the iTV, we can only expect downloadable HD content to be in Apple's future, after all, why else include HDMI and Component and not S-Video? Maybe it's so people can watch HD previews, doubt it. We agree with Cringely; Apple would rather sell you a downloaded HD movie than to help you watch it via Blu-ray. He could be wrong, the HD capabilities of the iTV could just be for viewing your photos on your HDTV.

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