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Sanyo's Xacti CG6: like the C6, only better


Heya Xacti fans, Sanyo just upped the specs on the C6 digital camera and MPEG-4 video recorder with the introduction of the DMX-CG6. While the CG6 maintains the same 6 megapixel CCD, bumps come by way of the higher capacity SDHC card support, optical image stabilization, improved low-light capabilities, bigger 2.5-inch LCD, AAC audio recording, and a reduction in size from a tall and slim 68 × 23 × 108mm to a short and fat 67.7 × 34.5 × 100.3mm including about 10-grams of added heft. All the additions should make the CG6 even more awesomer once the reviews start to roll in. But if you need that Xacti video fix at more than 640 x 480 and 30fps, well, you know where to go, right? Available for about ¥50,000 (roughly $429) when they drop late November in Japan.

[Via Impress]

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