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Where is HDNet on Comcast?

Matt Burns

Mark Cuban's high-def network, HDNet, cannot be found on Comcast and with hockey season right around the corner, many fans want the network not because of the Hogan's Hero's reruns but the 52 high-def hockey games they are going to broadcast this year. Comcast owns the NHL high-def broadcast rights and you would think that they would want to provide their subscribers with the most possible high-def NHL content but it all boils down to one thing: money. Comcast is blaming subscribers by stating that they don't want to watch HDNet and plus, the station is very expensive. We highly doubt that Comcast subscribers would not want to watch the station as the vast majority of HDTV owners would agree that there is a dearth of programming on their current high-def stations and we will take anything we can get. Hogan's Hero's, hockey, anything HDNet can add to the good of the HD cause would be greatly appreciated. Mr. HDNet himself, Mark Cuban, was contacted and he said that they are trying to get a deal on the table but it's going to take the subscribers saying they want the NHL in HD via HDNet. Can you hear that in the distance? That's the grassroots stating to organize into a movement.

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