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JVC throws out the iris but still achieves 10,000:1 contrast ratio

Matt Burns

Most projectors claim to have a very high contrast ratio along the lines of 10,000:1 - 15,000:1 reach this number with an adjustable iris. The aperture changes size and allows for light to flood in and out, but JVC has taken the conventional design and kicked it to the curb. Their design doesn't utilize a dynamic iris but can still achieve the highly sought after contrast ratio of 10,000:1. We don't know how they did it and we really don't think they are going to tell us in detail as this is a feat of technology -- that's if it looks and works good. This model is currently just a prototype and there isn't any word of product just yet although we are sure if this system works like they say, we will see this guy sometime soon.

[via HDBlog]

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