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Orange launches "Unique" dual-mode service

Chris Ziegler

UMA appears to be picking up a nice head of steam both domestically and internationally; Orange is the latest to join the fray with their newly-minted service dubbed simply "Unique." As expected, the service uses Orange's wireless broadband router (the Livebox, pictured) to provide the VoIP connection at home, while GSM takes over out on the mean streets Orange's launch locales: the UK, France, the Netherlands, Spain, and Poland. Up to six handsets will be supported per Livebox, which can all be routed onto a single bill -- a bill that should hopefully stay reasonably low thanks to unlimited landline and Orange mobile calling via VoIP. Launch handsets will be the Motorola A910, Nokia 6136, and Samsung P200 (a cousin of the Americanized T709), which (pardon our jaded humor) is three more handsets than we have in our hands right now for T-Mobile's stalled UMA launch.

[Via Shiny Shiny]

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