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Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book trailer


Everyone loves the chocobo. And why not? He's got his own theme music, he's the best ride in all of Final Fantasy, and then there's the whole "Wark!" business. No one can resist the fluffy giant chicken. You think you can? Oh, brother, we have something for you. It's the new Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book trailer, and it is cuteness personified. No matter how crusty or curmudgeonly you think you are, this trailer is guaranteed to make you murmur, "Aww," at least once. And hey, these days, it's hip to be sensitive. Just let it out, man. We won't tell.

The trailer is embedded after the jump, and it really is just as precious as ... well ... things that are extra precious, like babies and gold rings with scribbles. Even malboros, one of the most fearsome enemies in the FF-verse, seem totally cuddly, despite our memories of their bad breath.

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