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Griffin is / isn't making Zune accessories

Darren Murph

Ah, yet another round of conflicting evidence. This time it's Griffin's word against Amazon's product page, and we're honestly not quite sure who to believe just yet. We knew that Microsoft had solicited help from iPod add-on makers, and we'd been under the impression that Griffin was on the Zune accessory bandwagon since day one of the Zune launch, but now the company might be singing a different tune. iLounge has it that a Griffin spokesperson all but denied its future involvement with Microsoft's media player, and to add insult to injury, claimed the company would rather continue focusing on iPod accessories "due to its close relationship with Apple." Fairly strong words from the "leading PMP accessory maker," but they've certainly lost at least some credibility thanks to Amazon; clearly labeled as Griffin's "Tempo Armband for Zune," the product page is even accompanied by dimensions, a description, and a specific model number (8098-ZNTMPO). So, what's the deal here Griffin? Are you going to ignore all the future Zuneheads out there, or was that spokesperson just blowing smoke?

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