Wal-Mart is/isn't threatening studios over iTunes Movie Store

The New York Post came out hard yesterday with a piece about how Wal-Mart is threatening movie studios over the iTunes Movie Store, to which the retail giant quickly responded with a statement denying the claims. The NYP claims that Wal-Mart is telling studios that they'll start ordering fewer DVD movies if the studios jump aboard the iTMS bandwagon, similar to their temporary reaction when TV shows started being sold by Apple. Wal-Mart quickly disputed the claims, saying "While we recognize there are various current and potential providers of this service, we are not dissuading studios from conducting business with other providers." According to Reuters, a source "familiar with the situation" says that while Wal-Mart "freaked out" over TV show sales, the online sales haven't impacted their own, and they're not too concerned over iTunes movie sales. None of this really confirms or denies rumours of Wal-Mart prepping their own download store, but we're definitely not giving up hope of a price-slasher moving to the online space.

[Via Slashdot]

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