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Mysterious PS3 launch title is Oblivion


Remember when the folks at the Official Playstation Magazine declared than an upcoming issue would reveal a surprise PS3 launch title? A game so magnificently obscure and unexpected, a launch game "that you have not heard of?" The answer has finally come in the editorial team's latest podcast -- The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Don't worry, we've never heard of it either. Sounds rather pretentious.

The podcast does provide some clarification with regards to how Bethesda's in-your-face epic could possibly have been labeled as a game you've been completely oblivious (har har) to. Correction: it's a launch game you've never heard of, in the sense that you've never heard of it being a PS3 launch game. Obviously, Halo 3, Space Channel 5 and Pikmin would all have been fair guesses. Ah, we jest.

According to OPM, the PS3 version of Oblivion will include new content and enhancements, likely referring to a bevy of equine protection items and the vicious eradication of problematic insects seen in the Xbox 360 and PC versions. 1UP specifically mentions a new faction, the Knights of the Nine, entering the world of Cyrodiil and providing the player with new quests. In addition, they also confirm a PSP game, Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion. More information on both titles will surely arrive in the next few weeks.

Listen -- about three quarters of the way in
Read -- a new faction and a PSP Oblivion
Behold -- the first batch of PS3 screenshots

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