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5 tips for HDTV shopping

Matt Burns

The launch of another Tickle-Me Elmo marks the start of the holiday shopping season, and let us guess that a new HDTV is on the top of your list. While our own annual HDTV shopping guide is still a few weeks off, Alan Lofft compiled five useful HDTV shopping tips that should get you by till we release our comprehensive guide. These five tips are great guidelines to understand before starting the overwhelming experience of shopping for new technology. We have heard it said, and totally believe it, that people spend more time shopping for a new HDTV then they do a car. There is simply so many options out there that Alan sums it up at the end of this article by making you repeat: "There is no best, there is no best." Keep that, along with these five tips, in mind when shopping for your new HDTV.

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