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Canadians getting two new HD shows

Matt Burns

Canadians love their HD just as much as us Americans do and we are happy to report to 'em that two of their best comedy's are making the switch to HD. The Mercer Report and Royal Canadian Air Farce are premiering next week on CBC and both of the premiers are going to be in wonderful high-def. We're sure that most Canadians know what these shows are about and we're also sure that most Americans don't, well, care to know what they are about. The Mercer Report debuts on Tuesday, Oct. 3 at 8pm and the Royal Canadian Air Farce premieres a few days later on Friday, Oct 6 at 8pm both on CBC. Don't forget that you have to be able to receive the high-def signal in order to watch the new high-def flavors of these shows, eh.

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