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Philips skimps out on SA4000 / 02 DAP

Darren Murph

Tired of things getting smaller, faster, more capacious, and altogether better? If you're looking for the bare minimum in a portable audio player (or just need a stopgap until that elusive 6G iPod drops), Philips has you covered. The SA4000 / 02 is about as average as a DAP can possibly get, and manages to pack in just 512MB of storage capacity (albeit of the NAND variety), two lines of text on the 32 x 128 pixel LCD, support for MP3, WMV, and WAV, mono line-in recording, USB 2.0 connectivity, and a set of token white earbuds. While the display boasts a "seven color backlight," we've seen more impressive screens on USB flash drives, and moreover, the device only musters 10 hours of playback from a AAA cell. We aren't certain what this blast from the not-so-distant past will run you, but if you truly do get what you pay for, we can't imagine it being much.

[Via DAPreview]

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