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Soner Ozenc's electroluminescent Time Curtain

Darren Murph

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Soner Ozenc, the design guru who brought us the Sajjadah 1426 Prayer Rug about this time last year, has wowed onlookers at the London Design Festival yet again with his electroluminescent style. Apparently Ozenc has been passing the time (ahem) by crafting a svelte room partitioner (or snazzy wall adornment, if you'd prefer) that helps keep your life on schedule. The Time Curtain utilizes a "transparent piece of hanging fabric that displays the current time in electroluminescent LED-style numbers" -- perfect for an overdramatic countdown to certain special days of the year. While details concerning future availability (and alarm functionality) haven't been made public just yet, this timekeeper is sure to get its 15 minutes of fame while on display, and would probably look mighty sweet down the hall from your Digital Stag, yeah?

[Via Core77]

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