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DIRECTV's HR20 tested and reviewed

Matt Burns

CNETs previewing DIRECTV's newest HD DVR. DIRECTV threw out the TiVo interface in favor of one of their own design and this is CNETs, and many other peoples, complaint with the receiver. The predecessors interface was intuitive and slick but the HR20 lacks these creature comforts. CNET's users did give the unit a modest 71. rating even though it lacks TiVo'ish controls thanks to the ability to receive and record the newer MPEG-4 signals. Plus, the unit can record up to 200 hours of SD and 30 hours of HD programming at an affordable $300 list price with new customers scoring it for $200 after a $100 mail-in rebate. We agree with those guys over at CNET that it is a great recorder for the price even though it lacks the TiVo interface.

UPDATE: Here is another mans view that isn't so upbeat.

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