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Hands-on with the Logitech diNovo Edge

Ryan Block, @ryan

We got to take an early look at Logitech's new flagship keyboard -- the diNovo Edge -- and we liked what we saw. Sure, we could go on about the lack of a Mac diNovo version, but there's still so much good to find. The soft touch plastic wrist-rest has been replaced by a slick aluminum finish; the surface of the 0.75-inch thick keyboard, while now the same fingerprint-magnetized plastic finish as one would expect to find on their iPod or like devices, is refreshing amongst the many-shades-of-gray diNovo line. The sensors both on the volume strip and on the touch pad both worked well, and the circular scrolling motion on the pad is a nice touch. Watching the function keys light up from beneath is rather entertaining for those easily amused by LEDs (such as ourselves), and it finally solves the issue of knowing which key mode one's keyboard is in (i.e. no more hitting F5 ten times during a Jobsnote until remembering to hit the function key to re-enable it). All in all we think Logitech is off to a great start on their new line, even though it's still sans numeric keypad in the same unit. But as a HTPC / Media Center keyboard that you might move off the desk and onto the couch every once in a while, we'd be more than happy to have this thing furnishing our living room. Click on for a up-close of the light up keys.

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