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Nintendo raises forecast by 20%, Sony shares drop on PS3 concerns

Blake Snow

Nintendo raised its 2006/2007 net profit forecasts today by 20% in light of strong DS sales, weaker-than-expected yen, and Wii anticipation. Securities analyst Yuta Sakurai was "surprised" to see Ninty raise its full year forecast and sales outlook.

Financial news was not so good today for Sony, however. The AP reports that the company's stock price dropped 2.75% after concerns of erratic PS3 performance (read: overheating and reset) issues at the Tokyo Games Show. From the article: "About 200 PlayStation 3 units were clustered together in close proximity and housed in kiosks that concentrated the heat generated by their processors and provided poor ventilation ... Overheating under such circumstances is a common affliction at trade shows, afflicting not just Sony products but those of its competitors ... [a Sony spokeswomen continued] 'For a normal player at home, there shouldn't be any problem.'"

But Sony apparently told Business Week that problems were caused by a "one-of-a-kind" temperature irregularity not something as common as suggested above. We can appreciate the aforementioned 200 units being demo systems, but was the problem a trade-show standard, "one-of-a-kind," or something else altogether?

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