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Textorm unloads Puppy Dog Webcam for adoption

Darren Murph

If you're looking to add some "cute" to those otherwise drab vlog entries, and that brushed aliminum iSight has worn out its welcome, Textorm's animal of a webcam is sure to elicit a smile or two. The aptly-named Puppy Dog Webcam ditches the typical monitor mounted approach and provides a more playful alternative to broadcasting yourself. Stuffed within the fluffy cotton and soft fur is a scant 1.3 megapixel webcam that apparently isn't even complimented by an integrated microphone or light source, which gives the (probably accurate) impression that this pup is all bark and no bite. Nevertheless, we assume the canine can pull double duty as a child's toy, and while the dangling USB cable may become a minor hazard, it's unlikely to be as dangerous as the exploding Helly Kitty. Regardless, the pitifully spec'd Puppy Dog Webcam is available now for €22.95 ($29), but the surefire compliments you'll receive from the ladies (or fellas) are included gratis.

[Via Red Ferret]

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