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Logitech fills lightweight PS3 pad with air

Oh boy, where to start? Maybe it was just that their previous gamepads were selling wireless to a wired world, or perhaps the good folks at Logitech just felt weird about building a gamepad that felt so light; either way, they've decided to give their new ChillStream controller a little something extra to distinguish it from the me-toos in the third-party controller rat race.

Yup, they added fans into the controller, to keep your sweaty mitts cool. If this strikes you as an especially gimmicky move for one of the more reputable peripheral manufacturers, you're not alone dear reader. Maybe the extra weight and a potentially lower third-party cost will be enough to drive frugal gamers into the arms of the ChillStream ... or is that ChillStream into the arms of frugal gamers? The controller doesn't have rumble, it presumably has motion sensitivity, it doesn't appear to be wireless -- oh yeah, it has fans -- and it carries a suggested retail sticker price of $39.99. How much is that "affordable" first-party controller going to be?

[Via CrunchGear]

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