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Mitsubishi's motorized swivel-TV unveiled at CEATEC

Cyrus Farivar

Sure the wireless remote has enabled us lazy-types to control our boob tubes without leaving our ass-groove on the couch, but so far there have been few ways (save for custom stands / installations) to adjust the physical TV without some serious physical exertion -- until now, that is. There's not a whole lot to go on, but based on what we've gleaned online, Mitsubishi is demoing a new TV at CEATEC that comes on a motorized swivel, the first such model that we know of to come with this handy feature out of the box. The as-yet-unnamed LCD has 30 degrees of rotation each way, displays high definition content, and lets you get your swivel on with the press of a button on the remote. Thank you Mitsubishi, for bringing us one step closer to the day when we'll never have to leave our chairs at all, content with sitting in a pile of Doritos crumbs as our robotic servants deliver us one deliciously intoxicating beverage after another.

[Thanks for the translation, Lane R.]

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