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Phat Loot Phriday: Deathcharger's Reins

Mike Schramm

Oh, yes. The Phattest of the Phat. The most enviable of the enviable loots. All accounts we've read say that there will be a ton of new, sweet mounts in Burning Crusade, available from almost all the different types of gameplay. But no matter what you'll be able to take to the air with, on the ground, this extremely, hopelessly rare mount will probably still reign supreme.

Name: Deathcharger's Reins
Type: Epic Mount

  • Summons and dismisses Baron Rivendare's (the wacky emo boss at the end of UD Stratholme) Deathcharger mount. This is a very fast mount (meaning it's got 100% speed bonus, just like normal epic mounts)
  • Look at this thing! It's all glowy! And what is it? A horse with horns? A gazelle? A very scary looking, death gazelle? Whatever it is, it's rideable by all races, even Tauren.
  • Even those hardcore raiders decked out in 8/8 9/9* Tier 3 will turn their head and /nod when you ride by on this baby. A few people who are lucky enough to have it say they don't like to ride it all the time, just because they get so many tells about it. Guilds have broken up over the looting of this thing. It's an instant status symbol, and yet it's really just a sign that 1) you can make it to the end of Strat (big deal), and 2) you're very, very, very lucky.
How to Get It: So how lucky do you have to be after you make your way through Stratholme and down the good Baron Rivendare? Most places that track that stuff say it's .1% drop rate, but I think it's because that number is the lowest their system can go. One source even puts the drop rate at a staggeringly low "2 in 15,553" (that's .0001% for those of you non-math geeks)-- how that's calculated, I don't know, but I'd wouldn't be surprised if it's true. I've been running Baron quite a bit lately (trying to get my warrior's legs and the Runeblade, a very phat and rare item on its own), but I don't guess I'll ever come close to seeing this thing come up for grabs. If you see it drop, roll Need. Period. Don't argue, and don't let anyone tell you different-- some player will argue that if you already have an epic mount, you should pass on this, but you can tell them Phat Loot Phriday doesn't agree. It's out there-- a few of them have been seen on the various servers. But if it shows up, consider yourself one of the very, very small and lucky few.

Oh, and as of 1.12.1, you'll now also need the Journeyman riding skill to hop on this baby. So if you don't have that already, you'll still have to pay 900g (less with rep) to use it. Of course, if that's not worth it, feel free to invite me into Strat if everyone in your group passes...

Auction Price:
Of course it's BOP, and as usual anyone that sells this should probably just go ahead and uninstall WoW, because you're never going to see a random drop this good again. A vendor will give you 2g 50s for it, but I sincerely hope that's never happened.

*Thanks Eliah, good luck with Raggy.

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