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O2 Xda Stealth in the flesh

Chris Ziegler

We're still smarting from the thought that O2's sexy little Pocket PC slider has virtually no shot of ever gracing US shores, but that doesn't stop us from torturing ourselves with an endless onslaught of fabulous visual stimuli. PhoneDaily's quick take on the Gigabyte-manufactured Xda Stealth is a bit tricky to translate (we suggest spoon-feeding paragraphs into Google Translate one at a time), but let's be honest -- pics are what we're all here for. As a reminder, the diminutive Windows Mobile device packs 802.11g and a healthy 192MB of ROM on board, which'll come in handy when you're making use of the 2-megapixel cam. If you're capable of subjecting yourself to photo after beautiful photo of a great-looking device that'll never find its way here, click through for the full spread.

[Thanks, Dida]

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