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Make a screensaver for your iPod 5G


I'm not sure why your iPod needs a screensaver, or whether this particular effect can really be called a screensaver, but since several of you have sent us this tip, there must be some interest in it! This how-to is so short I'm going to re-post it all it here:

  1. create a folder on your iPod named "Demo Mode" - this requires that you have Disk mode enabled on the iPod.
  2. in iTunes, rename any video "Demo"
  3. keep the iPod connected and let it and iTunes idle for 2 minutes
  4. magically the "Demo" video will start to play
So really this isn't a screensaver so much as a tethered demo mode, which would have some usefulness in a retail or kiosk setting but not so much usefulness in any other setting. Plus, I think you can already designate videos (and certainly slideshows) to repeat or loop, so I'm not sure this is really needed it all! I may be wrong about videos repeating, though, so don't quote me.

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