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Sansa e280R Rhapsody unboxing


We got us one of those new Rhapsody editions of the Sansa e280, and ritual unboxing has commenced. The Sansa e280R "Rhapsody" hardly earns its namesake -- with the main noticeable improvement being a new menu item for Rhapsody Channels -- but the player is just as solid as ever, so we suppose we have little cause to complain.

That plastic might look unassuming, but it's an absolute bear to pry off.

Not quite as fancy the iPod packaging, or even the new pretender to the packaging throne, Microsoft's Zune -- but it gets the job done, without all that ego tripping along the way.

Nothing much to see here, but that "Version 1.0" CD is a bit of a let-down, since it still has to pull the "Best Buy Digital Music Store" (i.e. Rhapsody with a couple logos slapped here and there) down from the internets. Still, installation was rather quick and painless.

No joke, folks. This thing is an absolute fingerprint magnet.

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