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Neovision Labs rolls out iFusion 3D display for PMPs

Darren Murph

There are a few 3D devices that somehow manage to buck the "gimmick" stereotype and show a bit of promise, but Neovision Labs' iFusion is definitely not a peripheral that we can take seriously. Doing the 3D realm more harm than good, this PMP add-on appears to be nothing more than a clear, acrylic screen protector; however, a flurry of less-than-reputable claims state that the simple LCD covering allows for "lifelike 3D images" to pop out of your handheld without the need for 3D goggles. The catch (there's always a catch) is that the media you play must be anaglyphic in nature, meaning that it's pre-encoded with 3D goodness. The "autostereoscopic" apparatus supposedly brings that atypical content to life without the need for special glasses, and doesn't affect normal (read: 99.9+ percent of your files) media whatsoever. If you're still curious, and don't have a sneaking suspicion of being duped on this, the iFusion will be available for the iubi Blue and Microsoft Zune sometime this fall for an undisclosed price.

[Via DAPreview]

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