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Observational standpoint: PS3 preordering

Jason Wishnov

All right, I admit it. I may be a Wii fanboy, but that doesn't mean I can't preorder a Playstation 3 and attempt to resell it for twice its value on eBay enjoy other consoles too. As such, I took a little trip down to my local mall (which has both a Gamestop and an EB Games) to see if I couldn't pick up a preorder for that bullet train of a console, the PS3, for pickup on November 17th. I arrived ninety minutes early, got to the front of EB Games ... ouch. Fifteen or more in line. I quickly bolted (provoking the ire of a security guard) to the Gamestop, where only eight or nine waited in line. I decided to throw my chips in with them.

The Gamestop employee arrived about thirty minutes before opening. He actually admitted the first two people in line several minutes later, and presold them PS3s. He then came out to the line and said that his store had only been allocated two measly units. While I later found out that the EB Games had twelve units allocated, it was far too late for me. And to think, I could have slept in.

Where does this leave us Wii-goers? Well, we know that Nintendo will have a hell of a lot more units at launch than the PS3, but this by no means guarantees you a unit. EB/GS preorders open this week, and if you want to ensure your spot in line, you'd best get there early. Use your best judgement, but the earlier, the better ... besides, chances are that a few people in line will be rocking the DS. Multiplayer action FTW.

May the Force be with you!

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