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Rumor Mill -- Wii pre-orders open Wednesday at GameStop/EB


These days Wii rumors are about as common as PS3 delays. Anything and everything people scrounge up flies all over the interwebs but this one here is quite a doozy.

It's time to (hopefully) break out the fireworks and confetti 'cause an unconfirmed source told us that Wii system and accessory pre-orders are open TOMORROW. Re-read that a few times gents. It was hard for us to believe too.

Now the reason we say "rumor" is because we made a dozen calls to all our local GameStops/EBs and while a good chunk of them said yes to tomorrow, others said the boring non-helpful "sometime this week."

Still, even if it is "sometime this week" that is something to celebrate. Break the piggy bank and get your 50 bucks ready. Oh, and ignore those still trying to tell you that you have to trade in 50 dollars worth of games/systems/accessories. They are liars and thieves.

Celebrations commence!

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