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The PS3 preorder experience

Nick Doerr

I was there. I waited in line a good hour. Ahead of me? 16 lucky, lucky people with nothing better to do than get to their Athens GameStop at 6AM. How many preorders were taken? 16. That means they stopped when I reached the register. A true shame, since, you know, I kind of need one to properly do my job.

But enough talk of shame and pity and the like! I'm sure you all want to see the pictures of people waiting outside in chairs and stuff. You're in luck. If you click on "continue reading", I'm throwing up another picture there, since it's just... interesting. We also got to see a list of games coming out up until June of next year -- all were slated at a $59.99 price point. That's good. Most of the "good" games are arriving in February, so don't be too disappointed if you weren't able to grab a preorder. Besides, they'll have the bundle packs online by the end of the week.

If anyone has any questions relating to the preorders or the shopping experience in general, leave a comment and I'll share whatever I was able to learn with you.

While I waited in line, I thought I'd snap a picture of everyone looking their best -- of course, they hissed and asked what I was doing. I replied curtly, "working".

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