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The Reaper gaming mouse and FragMat mouse pad from Ideazon

Evan Blass

If you've been looking for a dedicated gaming mouse to give you the upper-hand during those endless hours you spend enveloped in virtual worlds, but aren't willing to lay down some serious cash for products like the $100 Heäd$h0t, custom keyboard manufacturer Ideazon may have just the rodent for your needs. You probably already know Ideazon from the configurable keyboards it makes (the ones with replaceable keysets covered in game-inspired graphics), and now the company has branched out in order to occupy your right hand along with your left, recently announcing the ominously-titled Reaper. The highlights here -- 1,600 DPI resolution, six programmable buttons, and rubberized left and right clicks -- make the Reaper sound like a good-but-not-great fragging accessory, although its $40 price tag should help you overlook the lack of adjustable weighting, in-depth macros, and multitude of LEDs found on pricier models. Also scheduled for a November release is the $15 FragMat, an oversized, slim profile mouse pad whose gliding surface apparently makes it far superior to the magazine or Garfield-themed pad you're currently using to wreak digital havoc.

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