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Europe to suffer another PS3 delay?

Evan Blass

This whole PS3 delay game has really become something of an amusing sideshow at this point: after so much bad press concerning nearly every single aspect of the console, you'd think that Sony would do everything possible to ensure that things run smoothly from here until launch, and yet word on the street is that Europe may be victim to still another postponement. It should be noted we have no independent confirmation of the following information, but Spanish gaming site MeriStation is reporting that Ken Kutaragi recently admitted that supply problems for Japan and North America could force the European PS3 launch to be delayed until May -- which would mean that Japanese and American consumers might have their systems nearly six months before the eager gamers in the rest of the world. Now keep in mind that Kutaragi also supposedly said that Sony has not modified its European launch plans at this time, so right now we're only looking at a "what if" scenario. Still, this rollout has been plagued with nothing but problems since day one, and as much as we'd like to see Sony pull this one off considering the shaky condition it's currently in, we're starting to think that these little issues and public gaffes may add up to big problems.

[Thanks, Mercenary]

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