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iBiz beta 3 available

David Chartier

I just noticed that my favorite freelancing app, iBiz, is now in a v3 beta phase. At first glance the most notable change is that brushed metal has been given the pink slip, but there is a veritable storm of new features under the hood, including:

  • a Document Monitor so iBiz can keep track of project files and how much time you spend on each
  • iCal syncing via Sync Services - goodbye to manual lifting
  • a Billing Section for more better tracking of invoices, estimates, payments and deposits
  • new job events to help track commute mileage, as well as 'non-billable' for the freebies
  • AppleScript and Automator support - if they keep this up, your clients won't even need you anymore
  • Quick Timers and an improved menu bar utility
  • HTML templates with full-blown CSS support
and a ton more. iBiz went universal a while ago, and users of previous version can upgrade to 3 for a mere $19.99, though its retail price has increased from $29.99 to $49.99 (in my opinion, from tinkering with this beta: it's still more than worth it). iBiz Server, for multi-employee and computer environments, is $89.99, which includes two client licenses.

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