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Jada Toys' I-Playaz Volkswagen Beetle DAP speaker

Darren Murph

To say that adding another iPod speaker system to the mix would be overkill is a gross understatement, but when the sound machine is housed within a chromed-out Volkswagen Beetle, we can't help but notice. For those who already ride dirty in that pimped out shopping cart and rock that gold microprocessor around your neck, Jada Toys' I-Playaz VW Beetle is sure to get your motor running. Sporting brobdingnagian spinning rims, 3.5-millimeter audio input / audio output jacks that double as an aftermarket exhaust system, built-in speakers, "multicolored lights," and an on / off switch to flip those block rockin' beats on at a moment's notice, this Chub City toy can shake, rattle, and roll to the rhythm of your favorite cuts. The car "moves and shakes to the beat" when your iPod (or DAP of choice) is pumping tunes through it, and there's even an built-in jam in case you want to boast about your toy while the 'Pod recharges. Although this isn't quite as fly as driving your riced-out Honda Civic around with a PSP, the bling factor here is surprisingly high for just $29.99, ya heard?

[Via iLounge]

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