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News flash: Wii motion-controls doable without sweating

Blake Snow

Still concerned with the thought of tiring while playing Nintendo's Wii for an extended period of time? UK-based Entertainmentwise reports after a two hour game session with the console:

"If you have health related concerns that you or your friends and family suffer from a tiredness health problem, it's not going to bar you from enjoying the Nintendo Wii. We've tested it now and after two hours, it's safe to say that it's possible to play on the Wii launch line up for two hours and not be dripping with sweat afterwards. Just remember that large body motions are not a requirement – they're what players do to have fun with the game. Playing with smaller movements or sitting down is largely possible, doable and healthy."

Yes, the Wii intends to be very different from what we are accustomed to when playing video games. But haven't Guitar Hero and non-sedentary lifestyles already proven the entertainment value of motion without problematic exhaustion?

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