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Sinomanic Godson-based student laptop


It may be lagging behind the OLPC 2B1 in terms of pre-sales and globe-trotting diplomacy, but China's Sinomanic (at least that appears to be the name from the translation) looks to be set to give NickNeg a bit of competition in putting laptops into the hands of as many students as possible -- in China, at least. While it apparently lacks a pull-string or other less electricity-dependent power source, the Sinomanic laptop should get the job done for most basic computing tasks, and look half-decent to boot. Based around a 400MHz Godson-1 processor (similar to that used in the $150 Municator), the multi-colored laptop boasts a 10.2-inch TFT, a 40GB hard drive, 128MB RAM, built-in networking (not WiFi) and is set to cost 1,998 Yuan, or about $250. Exactly what OS it's using isn't clear, though we're guessing that desktop background isn't an indication. Looking to broaden its appeal, the company's also announced a less-curvy laptop model, presumably with similar specs, as well as a curiously familiar-looking desktop computer (check it out at the link below). Your guess is as good as ours as to when any of 'em will actually find their way into the hands of students, however.

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