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Chris Pirillo on why Vista will only help increase Apple's market share


Chris Pirillo is the quintessential Windows fanboy. Why then does he make such a strong case that Apple will only be aided by Microsoft's Vista? In the current issue of Computer Power User, Chris nails Microsoft on all the reasons Microsoft's current and upcoming offerings are simply too little, too late.

From Firefox making inroads on Internet Explorer's turf and Google toppling MSN Search to Vista's exorbitant pricing scheme and release candidates failing to impress, Chris says he's finally almost ready to leave Microsoft behind and make the switch with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. On Leopard, he says "it looks clean and elegant. It comes with all the software and services the average user could ever want. It runs on the same hardware. A system will be able to dual-boot between OS X and Windows, and pricing is no longer astronomical. But most importantly? With its UI inconsistencies, Vista feels completely schizophrenic, and that's enough of a reason for anybody to leave Windows in the dust-just like they left MSN Search and IE."

Welcome to the table, Chris. We've been saving a seat for you.

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