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Breakfast Topic: WoW Buddies To Real Life Friends

David Nelson

I have a couple of real life friends who I have dragged into the World of Warcraft, but lately it seems like I am turning more WoW friends into real life friends. I didn't intentionally set out to meet a bunch people in WoW and turn them into actual meet-me-at-the-bar-for-the-game kind of friends, but it just sort of worked out that way.

Last summer a bunch of guildies were getting together to go to Ozzfest, and even though Ozzie isn't exactly my cup of tea, I tagged along and had a really good time. In fact, we had such a good time that a group of us regularly get together for marathon beer and XBox sessions. This past Sunday me and some of my WoW guildies went to see the Lions beat the Bills over at Ford Field (no Lions jokes please, we suffer enough). I have had a few other real life meetings with other WoW friends as well, and almost all the time we get along great. I would never have met any of these people if it weren't for WoW.

Do any of you guys ever meet anyone you know from WoW outside of the game? Does your guild have occasional get togethers?

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