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360 to get Wii style control


We saw this article on Joystiq this morning, muttered a heartfelt "meh" and moved on. Lucky for us, a gut instinct told us we should look again. A company by the name of In2Games has created a new control method -- codenamed "fusion" -- that could be a potential Wii buster. The technology uses sound waves and In2Games claims that it is more accurate than either the PS3 or Wii motion sensing controllers -- which operate using gyroscopes and IR sensors. The major claim is that In2Games' controllers will work even when pointed away from the screen. There are several videos of the technology in action (controller, tennis, and bowling) and it does look impressive, though the skeptic in us will note that there is a definite delay between movement and onscreen response. Says Elliot Myers, Managing Director of In2Games,

"We've got the best technology, with incredible functionality allowing developers to produce exciting new games specifically for the system - taking advantage of its unique features - or to allow titles which use motion sensing to be published on any platform. It's an exceptional proposition - for the industry and for consumers. We can't wait to begin showing it off."

If the technology pans out, it could lead to motion sensing controllers for every console and even the PC. Of course, the past has shown that developers are loath to develop games specifically for a third party peripheral so, we have our doubts as to how successful it will be. Still, with both Sony and Nintendo banking on motion sensing this generation, it's interesting to see a third party step in with (arguably) more impressive tech. What say you? Do you want motion sensitive games on the 360, or do you love it just the way it is?

[Via Joystiq]

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