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Prototype device helps untrained bystanders save lives


We'll be the first to admit, if we were a featured character in a prime-time soap surrounding cataclysmic events, we'd be killed off early in the first season -- we're just no good to anybody in emergency situations. Now we've got a chance to make it all the way to a sophomore slump, with this new "Just-In-Time Support" (JITS) device which provides audio and video instructions to untrained bystanders (besting that audio-only version from Philips), allowing them to administer CPR and diagnose the victim. The JITS, which is being developed by some University of Utah researchers, is currently a prototype, but in test runs on dummy victims, untrained users managed to match American Heart Association guidelines while using the device. The kit includes defibrillator pads and an anesthesia mask, along with a video screen that gives live feedback in regards to what actions to take -- sounds like a good time with or without an emergency to attend to.

[Via medGadget]

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