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Cowon iAudio D1 details emerge, to include DAB

Cyrus Farivar

Yes, it's been several months (ok, nearly a year) since the Cowon iAudio6 was released. Even still, Cowon isn't resting entirely on its laurels with regards to that one great player; it's been coming out with a flurry of other media players since, including the T2, F2 and most recently, the N2. Well it's time to welcome yet another member to the family: the iAudio D1. According to DAPreview, the D1 comes with a 1GB or 2GB flash drive, but the better news is that it also eatures digital audio broadcasting support. If that weren't enough, the D1 will also play back OGG and FLAC filesm and it can record voice and music via the built-in mic or line-in jack, respectively. The D1'll require that you front £150 ($282) for the 1GB version or £170 ($320) for the deuce edition when they're released next month in the UK.

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