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It's official...Burning Crusade delayed until January 2007, new content patch on the way

David Nelson

It was rumored yesterday, and is a fact. We will not be seeing the Burning Crusade Expansion until sometime in January. Eyonix posted the bad news this morning by way of the forums.

On one hand, I understand that they want to ship a fully functional product they can be proud of. One the other, wouldn't it be possible, over the course of two years, to have such a product ready? I guess I am just a little disappointed, but as I said, at least they are taking their time and getting it done right.

In another thread, Eyonix is promising a content patch sometime before the expansion to keep us all busy. What is in this patch? According to Eyonix, it will contain a new honor system, some new talents and abilities and a bunch of other goodies. This is good news, but I was really hoping to have the expansion in my hands before the end of the year.

What do you guys think? Good thing they are delaying? Or is it annoying that Blizzard is taking this long? Or both?

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