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Buffalo's HD-QSU2/R5 DriveStations: 2TB and yummy eSATA


We say bring it, Buffalo, and your bigazz drives! Meet the new HD-QSU2/R5 DriveStations now with eSATA connectivity in either 1TB or 2TB models. Each ships with four, 7200RPM SATA drives allowing 'em to be conifigured as RAID 0/1/5. That's up to 500GB more capacity than before with eSATA throwing the bits 'tween the DriveStation and PC at 3x the rate of USB 2.0 -- that's over 100MB/s as tested under RAID 5. On sale starting mid-November in Japan (and likely abroad soon after) for about ¥83,580 (about $702) for the 1TB or ¥156,345 (about $1,312) for that biggie 2TB. Hmm, wonder if one of those new BitTorrent routers comes with eSATA? Er, was that out loud?

[Via Impress]

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