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ESPN hops on the Sony thumbs-up wagon, says silly stuff

Nick Doerr

"The glory days of Intellivision football seem like they happened about 2,500 years ago." This is a quote from Bill Simmons over at the ESPN website. We recommend hitting ctrl+F and type in Playstation to find the snippit about the PS3 release party he "weaseled" his way into. What was his expert take on it? He says: "buy Sony stock." Guess he was impressed. Even so, the expert comment was sarcastic because, well, he's not exactly an authority on gaming.

If you like basketball, you'll probably get this quote (it went right over my head): "As they were giving me the virtual tour, I kept laughing and making orgasmic noises, kinda like the way Tommy Heinsohn sounds when Rajon Rondo makes one of his three spectacular plays per game for the Celtics." Essentially, the common man (albeit a high-profile ESPN fellow) was thoroughly impressed by the PS3 and, come November 17th, we might be too. Or our parents will be. We thought this was a pretty funny tip submission, so extra thanks to Jason for bringing a smile to our faces.

[thanks, Jason!]

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