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Insight Communications launches InsightDigital 2.0; adds 3 HD channels


Cable customers in Louisville and Covington, Ky.; Columbus, Ohio; and Rockford and Macomb, Ill woke up to an upgraded digital cable package today, as Insight launched its InsightDigital 2.0 service. The upgrade brings new features as well as 5 new SD channels and 3 new ones for HDTV owners: ESPN2-HD, TNT-HD and MHD. Other Insight customers should expect to have the upgrades by early November. A look at Insight's website indicates a new InsightDigital 2.0 package with HDTV and DVR, including the three new channels plus the five existing national channels (Discovery HD Theater, ESPN-HD, HDNet, HDNet Movies and Universal HD) for $15.95 over the basic cable rate. Our fourth grade education indicates eight is better than five, so we can't help but applaud this move. How about some HD VOD Insight?

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