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Sanyo's EasyStreet NVM-4030: an all purpose GPS navigator on the cheap


If you thought the Medion GoPal GPS navigators were cheap, then check Sanyo's WinCE-powered EasyStreet NVM-4030, Jack. At just $400, this pup significantly undercuts TomTom's, Garmin's, and Mio's products offering that same GPS-triple-play line-up of turn-by-turn and voice navigation, digital audio playback, and Bluetooth hands-free calling when coupled with your cellphone. The NVM-4030 features a 4-inch TFT touch-screen for viewing NAVTEQ US map data stuffed into the bundled 1GB SD card. Drop in some MP3/WMA/WAV files and the media player kicks in with a headphone jack fitted to the device for music on the go. We don't know when it'll be shipping, but pre orders will be "accepted shortly." Good to know.

[Via BlueTomorrow]

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