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Yoko Jaffe pops off about XBLA

Ken Weeks

Whilst extolling the superiority of Kutaragi's oh-so original Electronic Delivery Initiative to a sycophantic Newsweek reporter, Sony-loving developer David Jaffe embarks on an extended musical metaphor that should win him a Grammy for pretentious assitude:

The way I was describing it to somebody yesterday who'd never heard of EDI, I said, 'God of War, Twisted Metal, Resistance and Gran Turismo, those are like operas. These are like pop songs.' For me, it's been a lot more fun to write pop songs than operas. And in the future, because I think these services are going to be really successful, I think it's actually going to end up being more lucrative to write pop songs, just like in the real world, than operas.

...I would say that there are pop songs by Ashlee Simpson and pop songs by the Beatles. My goal is to write pop songs like the Beatles, not like Ashlee Simpson. If you want Ashlee Simpson pop songs, go to Xbox Live Arcade. Actually, they're the oldies station, because all you're getting is Scramble and Pac-Man.

Yeah, and Geometry Wars: Evolved and Small Arms and Space Giraffe and Mad Tracks and Cloning Clyde. Let's put it this way, if XBLA is an Ashlee Simpson (post-nose job hopefully) top 40 single, then Sony's rip-off is the poorly translated J-pop karaoke version produced by Simon Cowell and performed by William Hung.

Do you suppose all the sphincter-love Mr. Jaffe received for God of War went to his head just a little? The dude thinks he's John Lennon, but he comes off like Yoko, right down to the "I'm an artist" ego-slobber. You'd think he invented the concept of casual games. Mastering this level of operatic bullsh-t is a real achievement -- or in Sony's retarded nomenclature, a real "entitlement."

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